Daren Zenner Talks Boxing



What does it take to be a professional boxer? An Iron will? The heart of a Lion? Maybe a little bit of both? According to the former champ, Daren Zenner, it takes more than all of these qualities combined and then some. One of Zenner’s favorite mottos goes a little something like this, ” its not about how many times you get knocked down, or out, but how many times you get back up”. You may have heard that one before, but it has a whole different value to it when one is faced with a formidable opponent inside of the boxing ring. Sometimes its not about getting knocked down, but getting knocked out.

Take much from a boxing champion; advice, tips, pointers, training, but never get caught taking a left hook, especially a Daren Zenner hook. Boxing involves stamina, drive, animosity, and grace. Yes, most would say it is an ironic combination, but all the great boxing legends had those ingredients in abundance. Anyone can box but, it takes more than knowing how to box to be a champion, because anyone can win a fight, so instead fight to win and give nothing less than your best and in this way you,ve already won.

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