Marlon Kobacker Promotes Nature-Friendly Material Usage


earth photoLeonardo da Vinci developed his blueprints for a man-made flying contraption by observing birds. Airplane wings are designed according to the physical shape of bird’s wings. Mother Nature has a lot to teach man and Sustainability Professional Marlon Kobacker explains why.

The longest that any man can enjoy on Planet Earth is 120 years. Of course, Mother Earth has existed for a much longer time, beyond man’s understanding. Sustainability experts are manufacturing more products based on natural design, such as the Solar Activated Facade.

Developed in Switzerland by Architect Giuseppe Fent, the Solar Activated Facade system can lead to R-values ranging from 65 to 150. It uses wood slots angled to deflect summer sun, while collecting the winter rays into an interior storage unit. Sustainability Professional Marlon Kobacker integrates eco-friendly thermal storage units, such as the Solar Activated Facade, into building structures.

As energy costs rise and fall, sustainable building materials give you more control over your heating and cooling costs. Sustainability Professional Marlon Kobacker has worked around the world, educating the public on green energy living. By sharing technology across national boundaries, the entire world can become Green.

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